Restoring Your Youth - Company Message
Lifto-Metric Program
Take the future of your face into your own hands!  This treatment is a long lasting solution to aging skin and it treats the skin with respect. The results are real  You will look like you, only younger!
VIVESCENCE PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS are high-performance anti-aging treatments that have been formulated to visibly improve the texture of the skin, for exceptional firmness and vitality.
VIVESCENCE proposed three types of professionaltreatments:
1)         HYDRA MED           intense replumping and hydrating treatment
Over time dehydration of the skin can lead to dry skin, which contributes to the premature aging of skin cells.  To guard against this, VIVESCENCE has developed and perfected the HYDRA MED intense re plumping and hydrating treatment a bio metric hydrating treatment that helps reactivate the skin's natural hydration Mechanisms.  The VIVESCENCE Lifto Metric device increases the outstanding cellular properties of the Hydra Med Gel and Serum, which are used to restore water balance in the cells, by a multiple of ten.  Quenched, your skin will appear assoft and supple as ever.
2)         PRO COLL 4             extreme regenerating, shaping, restructuring and firming
With age, the face and neck muscles gradually lose their elasticity and firmness.  In response to this process, VIVESCENCE developed the PRO COLL 4 extreme regenerating, shaping, restructuring and firming treatment.  This treatment, which combines the effectiveness of the PRO COLL4 serum and gel, reduces wrinkles, and firms the features.  Enriched with highly active bio-peptide complexes, their properties are increased by the VIVESCENCE Lifto Metric device.  Synergy that delivers results:  Wrinkles are corrected as cells are stimulated, regeneration mechanisms are reactivated, and face and neck contours are redrawn leaving the muscles nicely toned.  In addition to benefiting from an instant lifting effect, skin texture is enhanced while elasticity and firmness are improved.
3)         STRUCTURAL          3D toning boosting treatment
What can you do when the contour of your face lacks definition and the texture of your skin is not as dense as it once was?  When it comes to aging,  Some areas are not as resistant as others.  As a result, VIVESCENCE created the STRUCTURAL professional treatment which targets and re-sculpts thin, sagging and slack areas of the face, neck and décolleté.  This new 3D toning boosting treatment wrap the more vulnerable areas in a shaping sheath delivering instant toning and radiance.  Thanks to the Lifto Metric device, the properties of the Gel, Concentrate, Mask and 3D toning boosting Cream are increased tenfold.  Not only will your skin feel radiate a healthy glow, it will look firmer, beautifully toned and re-plumped. 
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